I am most satisfied when I paint spontaneously, almost impulsively. I mix colors, make marks, examine, react, edit. There is a conversation. The painting tells me what it wants to be and we negotiate and rehearse until it works and it gathers life.  I don’t paint from a drawing or a picture, it bogs me down. I may start that way, but I never feel free until I abandon the actual imagery. I’m not afraid to paint over and over. Nothing is precious. The best work blends the accidental and the intended.

A lot of my work is landscape – midway between abstract and representational. The local landscape’s vocabulary is symbolic to me. Wide open horizons, big sky, repetitive willows and cottonwoods vary daily in color, value, shape, light, form.  Sometimes I lean to one side of the representational scale and sometimes I tack to the other.

I work from my Wyoming home studio. I paint with acrylic and mixed media on wood panels, building layers, responding to the line, shape and color. Sometimes I add collage. I like to dig through the material with sandpaper, sharp tools, sponges, whatever is handy. The painting ends with deep richness from all the build up.

Miga studied art in Florence, Italy and has a BFA from the University of Michigan, School of Art & Design. 

She has participated in group and solo shows nationwide and her work has been featured on the covers of several publications. 

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Eagle Hunting. Abstract landscape by Miga Rossetti.
EAGLE HUNTING 8″ x 8″ Original Art by Miga Rossetti.